Born from the raging fire

To rekindle the fire within


“Born from the raging fire, you must collect similar embers to rekindle the fire within. Grow brighter but be sure to evade the ones that are not akin.”

Light Kin is a rhythmic bullet hell where you dance amongst the embers. Consume your own kin to survive and navigate through varying waves of everchanging embers and obstacles. Rekindle your fire by consuming large amounts of embers to burn as bright as possible.



Store the collected kin within and burn bright. The brighter you burn, the greater your power. Be on the lookout for powerful everburning embers! Who knows what powers they might hold?!


Dodge the embers that are not akin to you! The brighter you get, the more dangerous the journey becomes! But be careful, as embers might not be your only obstacle on your way to the top. 


Fuel your inner fire by consuming the stored embers. As you consume them, your kin will change. the longer you keep the embers within, the higher your reward will be.


Debris and embers will try to block your path by forming different mesmerizing patterns. But beware, as it might not be as simple as it sounds!